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Common Powerband Questions

Lifetime Warranty

Our Powerbands come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty covers the replacement parts. Please contact customer service directly to coordinate exercising any warranty requests.

Made in the US

Powerbands are made in the USA! Unlike overseas competitors that use inexpensive material, Powerbands is made of high quality tensile steel. Our products are created based on the promise of durable, dependable functionality. Our sourcing approach is to utilize factories that are best suited to our specific products.

Powder Coated Protection

Our springs use a unique powder coating (both on the inside and outside) that resists rust and extends the life of the spring. When the spring is powder-coated, it is stretched slightly, ensuring that the powder reaches in between the coils. This stretching and coating process helps reduce friction when your garage door goes up and down.

High Cycle Performance

Powerbands springs are long lasting torsion springs. By using Powerbands you can increase your gargage door spring life while only doubling the cost of the springs. The standard garage door spring is 10,000 to 15,000 cycles for new doors. Powerbands has a larger spring wire and increases the spring life to over 100,000 cycles.

Why powerbands?

Powerbands are made in the US and made to last. Powerbands use a unique powder coating and long lasting torsion springs. Powerbands come with a lifetime warranty, guaranteed.

Warranty coverage

Customers are required to perform annual preventative maintenance by any of our approved Powerband vendors. Approved vendors are required in order for warranty to be valid. If any non approved vendors perform maintenance on door or powerbands directly, all warranties are void.

What is a torsion spring vs a powerband?

Standard residential torsion springs cycle roughly around 10,000 cycles. Powerband springs are high cycle springs, allowing for 100,000 cycles! Most residential garage doors do not accommodate a large amount of cycles and stop around 50,000 cycles. Powerbands high cycle springs are achieved by increasing the wire size, the length and the diameter. As the wire size or gauge of the spring becomes thicker, the overall length/coil increases.

What is a cycle?

One garage door cycle equals the door going up and down one time. The average household uses their garage door four times (4 cycles) or more per day.

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What others say about Powerbands

I have been a reseller of Powerbands for the last 8 years and I have not seen a better, high quality spring on the market.
Door Mart, Reseller
All I have to say is wow! Powerbands put all the competition to shame. Its our number one sold garage door spring. Best product out there by far.
Local Garage Doors, Reseller